Gary Arlington's San Francisco comic company

Normally I don't like to write on blogs. I like to look at art. Not find out what people are doing on a tuesday afternoon, instead of drawing.
My good friend Joe Keatinge recently told me about finding a batch of near mint silver age/EC comics at his local comicbook store in San Francisco. We suspected that they were probably from Gary Arlington's collection.
Gary Arlington opened the first all comic book shop in the mission district in San Francsico in 1968. Spain, Crumb, Justin Green all the "underground artists" of the day used to jam on comics and drop acid after hours in the shop that was located on 23rd st right off Mission. Gary started the San Francisco comicbook co. and published some of the first altenative comics. Gary and Sinclair ran the shop until 2006 when Gary took ill and the lease ran out.
I was lucky enough to live down the street and recive a unequaled comic book education during those years.
I think this was a ad or just a peice of art I did for Gary back in 1993. It was insipired by Gary introducing me to Robert Crumb who wandered in and was looking for Barry Blair comics ("Hi Gary, do you have a comic where the guy draws all the elves like little boys?")


unknown soldier

third degree.

Script by: Chris Rowley

Original colors/tones

By: David Linder

old Rick Spears script

True crime:the green river killer

Two page comic for the November 13th 2003 issue of the Seattle Stranger, covering the green river killer sentencing. written by Eli Sanders.

Dave Navarro

For Spin magazine
As told to Sarah Lewitinn

November 2003


For Spin magazine 20th anniversary issue
As told to Kyle Anderson by Interpol

july 2005

original jazz

One of the first test pages I did.

Brandon and the blue note

A trumpet player sets out to the big city to make his fortune in the 1960's jazz scene.

page 03 and 04

page 05 and 06

cafe page 01

cafe page 02

A guy has an uncomortable meeting with an old friend in a cafe.